JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- They were not the tools you would find in a fire station, but it didn't stop firefighters from doing their part to help.
"This is in my blood and I love it," said District Chief, Neal White.

This group of off-duty firefighters helped renovate the Lilian Sanders center.

"It's kind of a standard procedure. If we are not on an emergency call and we see someone in need, we go and help them," said White.

White coordinated the project. "I just made a few phone calls, and the guys came out in droves wanting to help," he said.

The new nurturing center will help reconnect families who are torn apart by domestic violence.

"It is amazing when these children walk into a room and say mommy or daddy, and get to spend time with them," said Executive Director, Stella Johnson.

"We are all a family and we all just stand beside each other," said White.

This family of public servants came together to be able to help other troubled families do the same. Builders Care hopes to have the construction of the Family Nurturing Center finished by March 1st.

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